Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flower and Lace Headbands

You've all probably seen these little flower headbands everywhere. I know I have. I think they are just darling. Today I just couldn't help myself and so I decided to whip a couple up. One for my daughter to use as a bribe reward for cleaning her bedroom by herself and one just in case we have a little girl.

I decided to go all white. I'll be honest and confess that I was thinking mostly about a baby girl. I secretly hope that is the case. I thought it would be perfect to go with the baby blessing dress I have hanging in the closet that I have up in my Etsy shop but am secretly hoping I may just be the one to end up with it.

I bought a single bunch of daisies at Wal Mart the other day for $1 I think (I just removed the yellow centers) and the lace I had left over from other projects. There is 1" elastic underneath the flowers too so it has a nice stretch.

They were so easy to make! Just some scrap materials, a few runs through the serger to attach the elastic, some hot glue and glitter.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Site for Family Home Evening Activities

If you haven't heard of DTLK's website yet, I highly recommend it. It is great for preschool age kids. I've used it for printing off greeting cards that the kids can color and give to friends, grandparent, etc. I've also gone on there to print preschool handouts for our co op, and last night I used it to print off some fun sack puppet templates. It's soooo easy and the kids get just as much fun out of it if I were to come up with it on my own. But I don't have to do the work! Great news for this pregnant mommy!

Each kid got to pick out the puppet of choice and after our song and lesson we had our craft time. The kids colored each puppet piece and then mom and dad cut them out. Pull out the glue stick and wha la!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am flattered

I don't know why but today I received a lot of comments on my bunk bed playhouse and people asking what I'd charge if I were to sell them. I am giving it serious thought and will put up a listing in my Etsy shop soon. I will have to play around with how I set it up since there need to be room for customization. But we'll see what I can work out. I am expecting baby #3 in the next 2 weeks so things are a little uncertain but I will do my best to get a listing up this week.

There were a lot of good ideas too, one being making the playhouse into a closet accessory by putting on a tension rod. And since not everyone has a bunk bed I think that is a great idea. I can certainly do that as well. Let me know if there are any more requests out there but please leave your e-mail with your comments so I can contact you back. That was probably the most frustrating part of the comments today. I had so many questions but no way to respond to them.